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Da: MediaWorks  26/12/2008
Parole chiave: Grafica, Pubblicità, Siti Web

Industrial design, visual design, graphic design, web design, consulting, Linux, MySQL, MSSQL, Mac OS, Windows, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Apache, CMS, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB, ASP, .NET, Cisco IOS.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills
Keyword Research & Analysis:
- Keyword Research & Analysis for PPC
- SEO Webcopy Keyword Research & Analysis
- Stock Image Metadata Keywording
- Multilingual Keyword Research & Analysis
(e.g. European, East Asian, Arabic, Russian, Spanish)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
- Pre-design SEO Analysis
- Competitors’ SEO performance analysis
- Duplicate content analysis
- Competitors’ inbound and outbound link analysis,
- Strategic SEO Copywriting
- SEO Copy-editing
- HTML Code Rewriting for SEO (W3C Validation, CSS, Cleaning)
- Social Media Optimization (SMO)
- .htaccess Optimization (Mod Rewriting & Redirection
- 404 Error Page Optimization
- Sitemaps & Robots.txt Installation
- SEO for Multilingual Search Engines (Search Engine Localization)

Internet Marketing Content Development:
- Technical Copywriting
- Corporate Blogging
- Multi-lingual Content Development
- Article, Press Release, and Profile Content Writing
- Natural Articile Twisting through Translation
- Oneway Link Building
- Reciprocal Link Building
- Directory Submissions
- Pay Per Postings (Forum, Blog Comments, Classifieds Posting)
- Social Media Bookmarking (Tag Keyword Posting)
- Replica Sites in Free Site Hosts (Online Profile Building)
- Multilingual Link Building

Internet Marketing Performance Monitoring:
- Completion Monitoring
- Web Analytics Monitoring & Reporting
- SEO Parameter Monitoring & Reporting
- Google Alerts & Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

Other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills:
- Paid Per Click (PPC) Marketing
- SEO Tools & Software: Internet Business Promoter (IBP) & Web CEO
- Online Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Other Internet Marketing Skills
- Email & Other Direct E-Marketing Skills
- Marketing Data Mining
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Email Extraction
- E-mail publishing and Circulation/Mass Mailing
- SMS Marketing
- Multilingual Communication

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