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stainless steel slip on flanges shape, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, texture properties. Production process of flat welding flange using sub oxygen furnace materials, the forging or refined forging cutting molding, after drilling and high precision NC lathe, NC rocker drilling into. The welding deformation of flange to flange rigidity and welding heat causes uneven, take measures to prevent deformation and control of welding line energy input corresponding. Flange diameter support, preheating before welding. The preheating temperature of 50 ℃, the West 3.2 mm electrodes, continuous welding current, weld, control the temperature between layers, the heat input should be uniform, the whole flange preheat maintenance temperature. In the weld metal thickness reaches 5 mm, should stop welding. Then flip the workpiece, so that the flange back up, back side flange downhand welding groove. Using the same small current, continuous welding, welding layer temperature control, uniform heat input and heat preservation. Stop welding thickness reaches 5mm, the flange again, turning, welding 5 mm turned to the other side of the flange welding, until the completion of welding. Welding of flange on the container was studied according to the method, the measured after welding: end flange error is 2 mm, the diameter error ellipse flange is 3 mm. Based on the simple support flange diameter within the flange diameter, roundness error of up to 1.5 mm. Flat welding flange sealing surface can be made smooth type, concave type and tenon slot three. Application of smooth type of flanges, for mild medium conditions, such as low non clean air, low pressure circulating water. Flat welding flange is used for carbon steel pipe connections, nominal pressure of not more than 2.5MPa, connection flange including single side welding and double nut connection, welding is just one side welding need not be welded pipe and flange connection inside the mouth, generally used for low, medium pressure pipeline

Parole chiave: flanges, Flat welding flange, slip on flanges, stainless steel slip on flanges,

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