Technical Standard for Foshan Stainless Steel Pipe Industry

Technical Standard  for Foshan Stainless Steel Pipe Industry da Jeasin Valve Industry Co.,Ltd

Da: Jeasin Valve Industry Co.,Ltd  18/07/2013
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Such rapid development at present China stainless steel pipes. But standard stainless steel pipe of superimposed recommended standards rather than mandatory standards in our country, in this case, as a kind of important processing zone, foshan city, stainless steel pipe products, non-standard products of the enterprise has a basic quality reference through the formulation standard alliance, in order to improve the quality of stainless steel tube, reduces the foshan decoration enterprise competition. It has important social and economic benefits. Through making a study of stainless steel production technology and USES the standard is foshan decoration, project is mainly to formulate standards for foshan alliance, "general technical conditions of welded stainless steel pipe for decoration of foshan", the union bill and the development of a database and a query system of technical standards system was established to provide technical support for the stainless steel industry of foshan "foshan city stainless steel standard industry alliance. Expert group listened to the end of the project report, see the demo database and query system of technical standard system for the stainless steel industry of foshan ", reviews the project research report, project capital audit report, "foshan alliance standards" and "guild regulations" drafting. After review, the panel reached consensus as a result, the manufacturing companies in foshan stainless steel industry standards to provide the basis and technical guidance of the project results, agreed to determine, and technological achievements and project acceptance. As the project as a result, the foshan city alliance standards, general technical conditions "adornment" foshan city, welded stainless steel pipe and drafting the union legislation to provide effective technical support for quality standards

Parole chiave: Stainless Steel Pipes

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