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Da: Auto diagnostic tool  30/11/2009
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Honda GNA600 interface module kit works with the OEM-Honda Diagnostic PC Software (HDS). This is the replacement for the previous dealer tool Honda HIM. It can diagnose all Honda and Acura vehicle systems on models from 1992 to present year. Specification: Honda GNA600 comes with the latest software to access immobilizer, reprogram key and install new or used PCM's functions. Full access to all systems using the only guaranteed accurate data available. This kit will also give you access to the latest reflash software for PCM updates. This software also includes a scan tool with OBD2 access to all other cars 1996 on. GNA600 Kit Includes: GNA600 vehicle communication module 16 pin OBD2 Cable USB/Ethernet link cable

Parole chiave: Honda GNA600

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