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Da: Auto diagnostic tool  30/11/2009
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VW Golf5/Passat 2006/2007 Dashboard Programmer All the software versions!- at the date of this writing -   In the year 2006, starting from May, Siemens/VDO has added a new cryptography system that avoids reprogramming. By using our new R250 interface you can program also this new version with no problem.   IMPORTANT! This interface can program also the New Audi A3/TT 2007 made after June 2006 featuring Micronas CDC3217 and 2432 memory.     Our interface looks like a small box that needs to be connected to a PC running Win98/Me/XP. You only need to solder few wires to the board, read back the actual value and then write the new value with no limitations at all. Just one thing: remember that this interface works only with boards made by Siemens VDO featuring a Micronas microcontroller CDC3217 or CDC3297 and 24c32 or 2432 eeprom memory. We produce two versions named R250N and R250S. The first one needs to be connected to our programmer, the second one needs only a PC with a free RS232 connector or USB-RS232 adapter.  

Parole chiave: Super R250S Programmer

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