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Da: Auto diagnostic tool  30/11/2009
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Hand-held one, very easy to use; with usb 2.0 port to update software or download/upload data; Can make correction of odometer and read immo code by OBD2. (Free update with VW / AUDI for whole 2009 year!) Odometer VW BEETLE GOLF5 SAGITAR BORA 2007 JETTA 2005 SAGITAR ERRORMEM BORA JETTA 2007 SAGITAR SERVICE CADDY LUPO BOO TOUAREG 03-07 GOLF5 SERVICE PASSAT B5 802 TOUAREG 08-UP GOLF4 2007 PASSAT B5 806 TOURAN GOLF4 BOO PASSAT B6 2007 TOURAN ERRORMEM GOLF4 VDO PASSAT LINGYU(848) TOURAN SERVICE GOLF5 ERRORMEM PHAETON POLO update 15/5 TOUAREG 08-UP     update 16/5 EOS 08-UP TIGUAN 08-UP JETTA 07-UP BORA 07-UP PASSAT 07-UP GOLF5 07-UP update 25/5 VW 07UP-CDC3272     update 19/6 PHAETON 08-UP     update 5/8 TOURAN 07-UP     update 17/8 BORA 2009 NEC GOLF6 NEC PASSAT CC NEC update 21/8 VW 07-UP new version     update 16/9 Routan 2010     update 29/9 LUPO BOO       AUDI A4 -2001.7 A6 2004-2008 A8 2005-2006 A4 MAGNETI MARELLI A6 -2004 A8 ERRORMEM Q7 06-08 A6 MAGNETI MARELLI A8 SERVICE A2 VDO -2001.7 A6 VDO -99.9 EDC15 A3 -2001.7 A6 ENCRYPTED ENCRYPTED A6 A3 2001-2003 A6 ERRORMEM TT 880\930 A3 2003-2004 A6 SERVICE A4 -1997 A3 2005-2006 A8 1998   A4 1997-1999 A8 03-UP   update 27/5 A3 07-UP TT 07-UP R8 update 29/5 A8 07-UP S8 07-UP     update 10/7   R8 TT 07-UP A3 07-UP A6 VDO -99.9     update 13/7 A4 BOSCH 01-04     update 24/7 A5 08-UP A4 08-UP Q5 08-UP update 12/8 A3/TT/R8 ERR 07-UP       SKODA Octavia 07-UP     update 25/5 SKODA 07UP-CDC3272     update 17/8 SKODA SuperB NEC       BENTLEY CONTINENTAL -2007 CONTINENTAL 08-UP     SEAT SEAT Ibiza NEC     update 22/9 Freetrack 2009     update 29/9 LEON 08     Immo A2/A3 -01/07 A4/A6 -01/07 A6-3.0 Chinese BORA C4-A6 GOLF Chinese JETTA PASSAT PASSAT-802 POLO IMMO SANTANA   update 23/7 VAG-ME7.1.1 A4-RB4 EDC15 update 15/10 VW 07-UP     Update 4/11/2009(version:11.22) Modified program of BORA 2009 NEC, GOLF6 NEC , PASSAT CC NEC, SEAT Ibiza NEC , SKODA SuperB NEC. Update 30/10/2009(version:11.21) Modified program of EOS 08-UP, TIGUAN 08-UP, JETTA 07-UP, BORA 07-UP, PASSAT 07-UP, GOLF5 07-UP. Update 27/10/2009(version:11.20) A4/A5/Q5 08-UP new version VW 07up-test Update 15/10/2009(version:11.19) Immo£ºVW 07-UP Update 29/9/2009(version:11.18) LUPO BOO LEON 08 Update 23/9/2009(version:11.17) A8 07-UP new version Update 22/9/2009(version:11.16) Freetrack 2009 Update 16/9/2009(version:11.15) Routan 2010 Update 7/9/2009(version:11.14) For the A6 combine the functions "AUDI 2004£­2006 A6 DIAG , AUDI 2006.7- A6 DIAG ,AUDI 2007.7- A6 DIAG" together named "A6 04-08 DIAG" .For the Q7 combine the functions "Q7 -07 DIAG , 07-UP DIAG " together named "Q7 06-08 DIAG". Modified program of A8 07-UP. Update 3/9/2009(version:11.13) VW 07-UP new version Modified program of A4 08-UP, A5 08-UP, Q5 08-UP. Update 29/8/2009(version:11.12) A8 07-UP new version Update 21/8/2009(version:11.10) VW 07-UP new version Update 17/8/2009(version:11.09) BORA 2009 NEC GOLF6 NEC PASSAT CC NEC SEAT Ibiza NEC SKODA SuperB NEC Update 13/8/2009(version:11.08) Modified program of VW 07UP-CDC3272 , SKODA 07UP-CDC3272. Update 12/8/2009(version:11.07) A3/TT/R8 ERR 07-UP Modified program of A3 07-UP. Update 8/8/2009(version:11.06) Modified program of A8 07-UP . Update 5/8/2009(version:11.04) TOURAN 07-UP Modified program of A4 08-UP,A5 08-UP, Q5-08-UP. Update 31/7/2009(version:11.03) Modified program of A3 07-UP, TT 07-UP , A8 07-UP , R8 07-UP. Update 24/7/2009(version:11.02) A5 08-UP A4 08-UP Q5 08-UP Modified program of VW 07UP-CDC3272 , BEETLE. Update 23/7/2009(version:11.01) Odometer :Modified program of EDC15 . Immo : VAG-ME7.1.1 , A4-RB4 , EDC15 . Update 17/7/2009 CONTINENTAL -2007 CONTINENTAL 08-UP Update 15/7/2009 Modified program of TOURAN ERRORMEM, TOURAN SERVICE, SAGITAR ERRORMEM, SAGITAR SERVICE, A6 ERRORMEM, A6 SERVICE A8 ERRORMEM, A8 SERVICE. Add the Immo function. Immo: A2/A3 -01/07, A4/A6 -01/07, A6-3.0, Chinese BORA, C4-A6, GOLF , Chinese JETTA , PASSAT, PASSAT-802, POLO IMMO , SANTANA. Update 13/7/2009 A4 BOSCH 01-04 Modified program of Octavia 07-UP, SKODA 07UP-CDC3272. Update 10/7/2009 R8 TT 07-UP A3 07-UP A6 VDO -99.9 Update 19/6/2009 PHAETON 08-UP Update 29/5/2009 A8 07-UP S8 07-UP Update 27/5/2009 A3 07-UP TT 07-UP R8 Update 25/5/2009 VW 07-UP new version : CDC3272 dashboard for new VW and SKODA. Update 16/5/2009 TOUAREG 08-up Update 15/5/2009 EOS 08-UP TIGUAN 08-UP JETTA 07-UP BORA 07-UP PASSAT 07-UP GOLF5 07-UP

Parole chiave: VAG DASH PROG

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