Your Genes, Your Personalized Diet

Your Genes, Your Personalized Diet da DF Medica srl

Da: DF Medica srl  14/01/2014
Parole chiave: Integratori Alimentari, salute benessere, Dieta Personalizzata

Nutrigenetics: beauty and wellness are strongly connceted to our nutritional regime and DNA analysis enables us to intervene on this front as well. studies on genetic variability offer a new and innovative tool for orienting the choice of the most suitable nutritional program, both in order to lose and to keep up the ideal weight. Furthermore, the determination of genetic food intolerances and genetic food sensibilities enables the patient to structure a personalized nutritional program more precisely, useful for preventing various concerns in the short and in the long term. Weight control By analyzing specific genetic variations, GENODIET SLIM provides clear instructions about the most suitable amount of lipids, carbohydrates and other nutritionals for helping an individual to lose weight. It is a fundamental test that provides an effective and quick way to obtain results from a hypo-caloric nutritional program and to keep them up over time. The right diet for each individual This test analyzes the genes concerned with our body’s metabolic pathways (cholesterol, folic acid, homocysteine, vitamin D, detoxification, oxidative stress) and helps to get the best out of our diet, therefore, improving our health and well-being. Be aware of certain types of food It is possible to identify genetically based intolerances to common types of food, such as gluten, lactose, salt and caffeine. This test guarantees a quick and reliable outcome regarding possible disorders or symptomatologies. This information completes the skills we need for choosing the most suitable nutritional program.

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