Servizi di Internazionalizzazione per le Aziende e per le Istituzioni

Servizi di Internazionalizzazione per le Aziende e per le Istituzioni da Roncucci&Partners

Da: Roncucci&Partners  31/07/2009
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Internationalisation is a means of growth, which has become necessary for all the businesses that wish to expand their activities in a global context. The valorisation of the characteristics of the business is the basis for the right route of growth in international markets. Most of all, internationalisation is entrepreneurial culture on one hand and planning methodology on the other. We back businesses in adopting this internationalisation culture and supply the necessary means to achieve the objectives.
We supply, elaborate and share, analysis and development means, such as check-ups aimed at internationalisation routes, market research, national and international partner match-making, distribution networks, human resource training, business planning, foreign start-ups, with the businesses themselves.
All this is completed through access to sustaining financial sources for the development of international projects by national, EC and world financial institutions.


For Companies
We support public and private companies, in particular SMEs, in internationalisation processes. Every project is discussed and elaborated with the client according to qualitative and quantitative characteristics and to the target market.

For Institutions
We work with Chambers of Commerce, Enterprise Associations and Local Authorities that wish to start or strengthen their placement in an international context. Brazil, Chile, Arab Emirates and Serbia are some of the countries where we have carried out expansion projects abroad for local and international Institutions:
- international institutional relations and institutional partnership projects
- projects for territory promotion and development
- consultancy and training of executives and managers

Roncucci&Partners is present in a more structural way in some countries of Central Europe as partner of some Italo-Foreign Chambers of Commerce and of Associations which represent Chambers of Commerce:
- we are the Antenna of the ACCOA (Association of Chambers of Commerce of Central Europe) for Serbia
- we are partners and consulting company of the Italo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- we are partners of the Italo-Slovakian Chamber of Commerce.

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