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Da: Roncucci&Partners  31/07/2009
Parole chiave: Consulenza Gestionale, Consulenza Di Direzione, business consulting

It is the basis for an activity of aimed management consulting, i.e. the type of consulting which businesses need in order to define development strategies and elaborate the necessary actions to achieve the result. This activity involves various ambits such as: human resources, business finance, organisation, incentives based on the achievement of both quantitative and qualitative results.
This means the development of the business according to a simple and universally recognized method: Analysis – Planning – Implementation - Verification. Then we start all over again. The access to credit, in particular to facilitated credit, as well as deep restructuring, are the natural consequences of restructuring, repositioning and development interventions.

"Let's try thinking that what I know, if the others know it too, can be the basis of cost abatement. If I know that others before me have carried this out, maybe I save costs if I try to know it instead of doing it only."


Business Analysis and Replanning
- Economic and financial check-up
- Budgeting&Management Control
- Business-Planning
- Organisation and management analysis
- Marketing analysis
- Business opportunity development

Project Implementation and Reorganisation
- Reorganisation processes back-up
- On-the-job training
- Temporary Management

Corporate Finance
- Strategic planning
- Project finance and financial build-up
- Research and activation of finance facilities

Parole chiave: business consulting, Consulenza Di Direzione, Consulenza Gestionale, Ricerca Partners