Powder and liquid preparations for drinks

Da: ANTICO EREMO SPA  07/11/2011
Parole chiave: Crema Caffè



Antico Eremo is a leader in producing a large range of :
liquid preparations for  juices , multivitaminics ,syrups for granitas\slushs, flavourings ..

dried  preparation for granitas/ slushs , sherbets, yoghurts, ice-creams, cold cream , hot creams, confectionery products, instant- coffes, power ginseng,  teas, herbal teas.

Products are for professional use, perfect also for automatic machines: post-mix, self-service dispensers, vending machine, granitas\slush machine, ice-cream machile, soft ice cream machine, chocolate machines, coffee machines... 

Our market is especially  Ho.re.ca.  -  hotels, restaurants,  pizzerias, clubs, discos, canteens, fast-food, bars, cafes…. 

Our Research and Development Department offers  leading research , special recipes, private labels,  also free of any artificial colours, preservatives or trans fat

Parole chiave: Crema Caffè