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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita

Divine Name and its Efficacies, Namacharaya sri Haridas Thakur, Lord’s Name-The Divine Panacea, Spiritual Master and Self-surrender, Haridas Thakur at Puri, Mahaprabhu’s Discourse on Name, Ninefold Devotion, Safeguard against Namaparadhas, Namabhas and Uttama Bhakti, Sri Nama-Sankirtan-The Highest Goal.

The Divine Name

The holy life history of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His divine pastimes with His beloved devotees are compiled in this scripture. As writing the divine life history of the supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna in “Srimad Bhagavatam”, similarly Srimad Vrindaban Dasa Thakrur has also awakened the fallen souls once again by narrating the divine life history of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His divine leelas with His devotees in “SRI CHAITANYA BHAGAVATA”

Six Goswamins

The life and teachings of Six Goswamins (Sri Sanatana, Sri Rupa, Sri Raghunath Das, Sri Jeeva, Sri raghunath Bhatta and Sri Gopal Bhatta) in this brochure are collections from the writings of Rupanuga Acharyas.Such God-Loving saints or Bhaktas who come down and move in the world, not for any selfish purpose of their own, but solely for the welfare of humanity, are none other than the agents of the Lord, deputed by Him for the expression of the purpose of regeneration and uplift of all fallen souls.

Rai Ramananda

Biography of Rai Ramananda the beloved associate of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Supreme Lord has furnished the highest testimonial of the spiritual life in Ramananda. The Supreme Lord spent His last days in the close companionship of this picked-up serving temper with His most confidential associates.

Sri Sri CHaitanya Bhagavata

In this booklet Thakur Bhaktivinode proves that Krishna Himself and Krishna-Nam is identical. the absolute Name of Krishna is purely Spiritual. He also explains the process and procedure in chanting the Holy Name and the Eternal Love between Krishna and Jiva; the Lila of Krishna and company of Sadhus; Bhakti the very nature of the soul; Exclusive surrender to Nam; Nam-the object of pursuit; Nam is beyond the time and space; Nam-the Incarnation of Krishna; Larnenting prayer to Nam; Nam and Namabhas; Sadhak and Siddha; Exclusive surrender to Nam and the different stages of Prem-Bhakti etc.


The word ‘Vaishnavism’ indicates the normal, eternal, natural condition and devotional characteristics of all individual souls in relation to Vishnu, the All-pervading Soul. The word ‘Vaishnava’, which literally and naturally means one who worships Vishnu out of pure love expecting nothing from Him in return. the Jive is the part who is identical with the whole when taken qualitatively and different when taken quantitatively. This is the true and eternal relation between jiva and Vishnu. the service of the Master is the foundamental function of the servant, so every jiva is a Vaishnava.

Sri Krishna

The historical aspect of Sree Krishna need not be considered as irrelevant or mundane. the absolute is always no other than Himself. Antiquarian speculations regarding the history of Sree Krishna have thus, inconceivably to us, an intimate bearing on the question of the real Nature of the Absolute. The scheme of ancient History of India that is being worked out by the researches of learned scholars has not yet been fought out on the plains of Kurukshetra between the Kurus and the Pandavas backed by their respective allies. But the time is not far distant when it will be practicable to avoid prejudices and misunderstandings that at present prevent our approaching that great event in the proper spirit. The Purans are steadily winning the confidence of the most hostile critics and the actual occurrence of the Great War is coming to be recognised, on the authority of the Purans, as having taken place at a peiod which is not very far from 3000B.C. The narration of tentative basis for the historical career of Shree Krishna. The Harivamsa, which forms the supplement of the Great Epic, is not opposed to the Mahabharata either in the spirit or in the so-called assumptions regarding particulars of the career of Sree Krishna that do not appear in the Great Epic.

Nam Bhajan
Krite jadhyayato vishnum tretayam yajatomakhayehDware parichariyayam kalau tadhari Kirtanat. For the highest goal of human being i.e the realisation of God, in Satya Yuga (Golden Age) people were able to meditate without any disturbance. Degradation of human beings had taken place just as the beginning of Treta Yuga (Silver Age) when Vedic sacrifices and socio-religious regulations were necessary to be introduced.When Dwapar Yuga (Copper Age) entered, people lost the capacity to perform sacrifices with purity and sanctity. So the worship of the Holy Deity of the Supreme Lord was introduced for the people.But in the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) all spiritual virtues of human beings have disappeared from them and all inabilities, defects etc. have entered in their mind. In such acritical state when meditation etc.could not be practised by the people with proper purity, the chanting of the Divine Names of the Lord Shri Krishna has been declared as the supreme means or the special dispensation for this Age.

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