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Da: Cantine Roppolo - marketing office  19/06/2010
Parole chiave: Aziende Vinicole

Since gold-amber has excellent aromatic sensations of candied exotic fruit, figs and licorice. The flavor is sweet but not syrupy, warm but balanced by good acidity, complex and clean at the same time. The final sensations are intense and very persistent. It is a fortified wine made entirely from zibibbo raising grapes; during fermentation is added pure alcohol that leaves a pleasant fructose residual. Intense flavor, settled and determinated taste, sugar vein that enhances the aromaticity of muscat grape contributing to an ensemble of great pleasantness. 

Zibibbo Raja is appreciated for its fruity and persistence aroma, suitable for many situations: it is a meditation wine, accompanied by the Italian pastry, as dessert matched with strawberries and ice-cream, but also as a precious gift for important occasions, given by the elegance of the bottle in which iis preserved. 

Parole chiave: Aziende Vinicole

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