Stampante industriale Sato LM408 etichettatura professionale

Stampante industriale Sato LM408 etichettatura professionale da  -------  Progetto Software di Casiraghi Marco

Da: ------- Progetto Software di Casiraghi Marco  17/02/2011
Parole chiave: Stampanti Termiche, Stampanti Per Etichette, Stampanti A Trasferimento Termico

Printing Method    Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution, dots/mm (dpi)  8 dots/mm (203dpi)
Max. Print Area
Width, mm (inch)    104 mm (4,1”)
Length, mm (inch)    178 mm (7”)
Print Speed, mm/sec (ips)   From 51 mm/sec (2ips) to 153 mm/sec (6ips)

CONSUMABLES SPECIFICATION (Recommended to use printer supplies manufactured or certified by SATO)
Media Type     Roll paper and fanfold
Media Size (with backing paper size)
Width, mm     Label: 22 ~ 128 mm (Label with backing paper: 25 ~ 131 mm)
Length, mm     Label: 6 ~ 178 mm (Label with backing paper: 9 ~ 181 mm)
Thickness, mm     0.08 ~ 0.26 mm
Max. external diameter, mm   218.44 mm
Inner diameter, mm    76.2 mm
Wind orientation    Face-in
Max. folding height    100 mm
Wind orientation    Face-in
Maximum width,mm   111 mm
Maximum length,m   450 m

Font      XU 5x9, XS 17x17, XM 24x24, XB 48x48, XL 48x48
     OCR-A 15x22, OCR-B 20x24
Font option    Kanji 16x16 (JIS 1st & 2nd standard) (selectable between square Gothic/Mincho)
     Kanji 24x24 (JIS 1st & 2nd standard) (selectable between square Gothic/Mincho)
Barcode symbologies   
1-Dimension     UPC-A/E, EAN8/13, JAN8/13, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, UCC/EAN128, Interleaved 2 of 5,
     Industrial 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, NW-7, MSI, BookLand, POSTNET
2-Dimension     PDF417 (ver 2.4), QR Code (ver 8.1), Maxi Code (ver 3.0) and Data Matrix (ver 2.0)

Interface     IEEE 1284 Board, High Speed RS232C Board, USB Board, LAN Board, Wireless LAN Board

Power Requirements   AC 100-120/200-240V (Jumper)
Operating    5 ~ 40ºC / 30 ~ 80% RH (w/out condensation)
Storage     -5 ~ 60ºC / 30 ~ 90% RH (w/out condensation)
Dimension (W x D x H), weight   W271 x D430 x H321 mm / Approx. 13Kg

Useful Features    Status report, graphic, sequential numbering, form overlay, custom designed character, font
     decoration, reverse image, line print, hex dump print, format store, outline, outline variation,
     label skip, zero slash switchover
Self Diagnosis Checking   Head check, paper end, ribbon end, ribbon near end**, head open, test print


* Measurements are approximate values
** Ribbon near-end can be detected with 30~15m of ribbon remaining

Parole chiave: Stampanti A Trasferimento Termico, Stampanti Per Etichette, Stampanti Termiche, Stampare etichette

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