connectors, magnetic switches, cables, distribution boxes, timer relays, etc

connectors, magnetic switches, cables, distribution boxes, timer relays, etc da shield

Da: shield  04/04/2010
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Connectivity systems for valves and switches.
Manufacturing of connectors , distribution boxes, sensors, switches and cables for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation, illumination system, trucks, construction equipment.
Spider Box for Industrial Automation Connector Wiring.
How to reduce costs and time Distribution boxes for connectivity systems. Spider Box is a modular solution, simple connections or complex bonded junctions according to client's design can be wired and over-moulded with an efficient cost/quality rate. Assembling with shielded or unshielded cables. Up to 20 cable connections with multiple wires can be linked together. Built-in custom electronic circuits are available. It's the solution to reduce the design and assembling time in your project. Hybrid versions with M8 and M12 connectors + direct cable junctions are also available.
Connectors with 7/8" thread metal nut.
IP68 over-moulded (over-molded) manufactures connectors for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical automation, illumination, trucks and various construction equipments. This video shows 7/8" circular angled and straight connector series with shielded or unshielded cable. The cable materials can be chosen among a wide choice: halogen free, polyurethane, PVC, silicone, etc. Dynamic or static application. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14 poles. Gender configurations can be: standard male, female and hybrid male-contacts / female-thread, female-contacts / male-thread. Ratings up to 13A, 600V.
Electrovalve connectors.
manufacturer of  DIN 43650, EN 175301-803, ISO 4400, ISO 6952, ISO 15217 electrovalve connectors, with shielded or unshielded cable, halogen free polyurethane, PVC or silicone cables, dynamic or static application. Ratings up to 10A, 250V. Custom electronic circuits available. This connector style is also offered with screw terminals or crimp contact versions.
Magnetic switches.
Electronic and reed proximity switches for hydraulic, pneumatic or electric cylinders with magnetic piston. High switching power and sensitivity. Customized circuits available

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