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Contract Hotel da DEA contract

Da: DEA contract  17/11/2011
Parole chiave: Interior Design, Arredamenti Su Misura, Mobili Su Misura

The Dea Contract Company, based in Italy, is on the market since many years and the production lines are very versatile. The company specializes on the 'contract' market with various important projects realized all over the world. �B;Our flexible structure permit us to delivery the production of furniture and furnishings up to customers own specifications and requirements , respecting the Customer budget and delivering succesfully respecting the timing requested, with our great experience in installations.. �B;The various materials usually employed in the production cycles, are rattan, wicker, wood (ash, beech, cherry, oak and other essences) in veneers and solids, iron, leather and nylon weaves, cord and stone with the peculiar combination of such materials.

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