High Voltage Glow Power Generator - BDS.GLOW

High Voltage Glow Power Generator - BDS.GLOW da BDISCOM Srl

Da: BDISCOM Srl  25/06/2011
Parole chiave: Alimentatori Dc, Plasma Cleaning, Generatore Dc,

The BDS.GLOW is a DC High Voltage Power Supply, specifically designed for plasma Glow Discharge and plasma Ion Source applications. It is available in 2000 or 4000V versions with 3kW power capacity full scale with positive or negative output. Several protection and limiting circuits have been implemented to satisfy the most critical applications. The arc detection circuit senses plasma arcing and immediately shuts down and restarts after a user–defined dead time. Over current, over voltage and over temperature circuits are included. The high frequency inverter is equipped with the latest generation IGBT transistor obtaining a mains to output efficiency greater than 90%. Interfacing with user application can be by analogue user port or optional RS232. The front panel is equipped with a LCD display and an active front panel option is available for local manual control.

Parole chiave: Alimentatori Dc, Generatore Dc, Glow Discharge, High Voltage Generator, Ion Source, Plasma Cleaning, Surface Activation,

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