Techtrek software

Da: Techtrek LTD  18/10/2009
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 TechTrek - DMS a web based document management solution, accessed primarily using a web browser or the Microsoft office suite. It provides flexible out of the box document management functionality including hierarchal storage, access rights, version control and activity audit trails.

TechTrek - BPM a complete ready to go business process management solution that makes it simple to automate work during which information is captured, retrieved and updated to support tasks that are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

SearchTrack – a flexible search engine

CaptureTrack - data capture suite

CemeTrack - application suite for the operation of Cemeteries docHarbor online – highly scalable, multi-tenanted, hosted document repository.

Alchemy – self contained image retrieval from non network attached devices such as CD, DVD and Removable hard drives

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