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Da: Five-Star Tooling Limited  14/11/2010
Parole chiave: Progettazione Realizzazione, Costruzione Stampi, Stampaggio Materie Plastiche

 1. Our Superiorite: injection mould, plastic mould,die casting mould, multi-colour/material/catitation mould, blow moulding, precision injection/metal mould, insert mould, complex structure and lage size injection mould, unscrewing mould, health care product mould,auto mould, DME MUD insert, mold with RJG applications, gas-assisted injection mould, interchangeable mould, thin wall and closure mould, prototype, multiple slide action mould,stripper and floating cavity mould, rotational molding, vacuum mould, hot runner system mould, over mould

2.Software: UG, Por/E, Solidworks, Catia, CAD,CAM, Data casting software for gating design, DC-CAL software for casting parametric calculation, Flow 3D software for casting stimulation

3.Mould Spect:  Maximal mould 8 Ton, 1M*1.5M, +/-0.01mm tolerance for mould, +/-0.02 tolerance for product.

4.Heat treatment, carbide treatment, nitrogen treatment for mould

5.Standard: DME,HASCO,LKM,RABOURDIN, FUTABA, European Standard.


7.Steel material: 420/1.2083/H12/1.2344/1.2767/S 136/S7/P20/1.2311/4130/NAK80/SKD61/8407...

8.Plactic material: ABS, ABS/PC, PPO, Nylon, TPE, PP,PS,PC,POM,PVE,EVA, PSU, PEEK, PPS,PES, PBC,PET,PMMA,EVA,BS,AS/SAN,PA,Nylon6+Carbon filter and so on
Metal: ADC12, ADC10,LM24, ADC1,A360,A380,Zinc 3#, Zinc 5#, AZ91D,  

9.Equipment & Quality: CNC,EDM,WIRE EDM,CMM...( 95% processes are finished in house)

10.Lead-time:  Base on mold complexity, modification complexity and production status, 2-4 Weeks for prototype moulds, 4-8 weeks for production molds, 2-7 days for mold modification.

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