Fidelity Card

Da: Campaniadamare GE.MA.R s.r.l.  16/03/2010
Parole chiave: Vetrina, produttori


Fidelity Card: With our card customers can also take advantage of discounts in facilities such as restaurants, hotels, b & b agreement with us. Our idea was to give added value to our already very popular ground, the Campania, through the online sale of our typical products, but also with incentives and discounts for those as our customer, wants to visit  Cava de' Tirreni, Salerno, the Amalfi Coast and its increasing tourism here is where those who want to come back for sure again.

The Fidelity card has a customer number to be customized. The card can be used for accumuluare points and have to achieve a certain amount great prizes. Every 1 euros of spending 1 point.

Parole chiave: produttori, Vetrina

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