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Emergency lift devices - Remote lift da Combinatore telefonico ascensori - Remotelift

Da: Combinatore telefonico ascensori - Remotelift  29/03/2011
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Lift emergency devices.
The system has been designed and developed in order to solve all the problems related to a lift emergency.
The dialer gsm lift between car and remote assistance center Remotelift complies with the European standard UNI EN 81-28 specifications.
The bidirectional system Remotelift GSM, in addition to anti-entrapment feature, also allows remote management and control of the elevators.
The dialer bidirectional Remotelift is independent, gsm, safe and economical.
The GSM dialer is installed in an elevator system, reduces the time of entrapment and helps rescue and emergency workers to the people trapped in an emergency elevators.
 The bidirectional telephone Remotelift operates at low voltage, inside there are no circuits with voltages higher than 14 VDC.
The tele gsm lifts Remotelift does not need any special care, you need only replace the battery every 12 or 18 months for safety reasons, the real battery life is greater.

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