Automatic Functional Tester

Automatic Functional Tester da Thor Europe

Da: Thor Europe  06/02/2014
Parole chiave: Automatic Test Equipments

The AFTxx systems are functional testers dedicated to niche product. The typical application fields are: automotive, household appliance and electronic components. Application example are: electrical motor cover, lights blocks, actuators, relays, electronic dimmer, etc. The systems are able to perform electrical tests and also to verify: airflow, pressure, colours, hall sensors, temperature, mechanical dimension, etc. This system is particularly versatile and reliable allowing the test with manual load or with automated production lines. It is designed for middle and high production volume. The mechanical and electrical fixture are easy changeable to allow a fast new production start up.

Parole chiave: Automatic Test Equipments

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The family of the wiring tester CT consists of different model and accessory that cover a wide range of application field. Model CT140 and CT143 are the most inexpensive, with 128 and 256 test channels not expandable. Every channel is generic, so it can be an in or out channel. CT343 and CT422 have the same basic features, but the CT422 is made of a strong portable case for uses on the field. Both have a minimum of 128 test channels that goes up to 512 channels and have different interface inclu

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TB availables : Standard : 80, 128, 154 and 196 ways or Custom (all the rest ) Box type: Plastic and Metallic The Plastic models have bushings golden 2 mm in diameter The Metallic models have bushings 2 mm o 4 mm in diameter Input/Output of cables: 1) Direct Input in the Box with male connector mounted directly on the box. 2) Direct Input in the Box with male connector mounted in proper flying protection box. 3) Connectors to connect the external harnesses (CPC Tyco type, gold plated or n

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Automotive, single-operator Bench. 2D barcode final print for traceability with confirmation reading after application over the tested part. Functional electric check and customized data programming. Standby and working currents check. Torsional check with currents/torques verifications. Contactless check of the default/active locking bolt positions. Rejected parts segregation inside a sensorized box. Interchangeable Fixture for using with different products shape. The whole test split i