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Da: CookinSicilyHoliday  13/01/2013
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Upon request, you will participate to typical familiar Sicilian cuisine courses, in which you can learn how to hand make bread, pasta of any kind, included ravioli, pizza, and how to choose fresh food in local markets and to cook it. And how to make cannoli or cassata, the best known Sicilian cakes. Specially interesting would be, depending on weather, a trip to Trapani fish market, or just few kilometers away to see how local cheeses and ricotta are made. Not a chef cooking courses, but a complete immersion in local family cooking, with some incursion on street food as “arancine” or in old noble Monsù recipes. COOK IN SICILY ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE OVERVIEW: This is our basic package that every guest of Cook in Sicily will start with. Perfect for those who just want to hit the ‘reset’ button and get back to the beautiful simplicity of la bella vita. You’ll spend three days relaxing in the Sicilian countryside, learning how to cook a few of our favorite traditional recipes, and enjoying long meals, great conversation, and the respite that only these Sicilian hills can offer. INCLUDES: 3 nights accommodation in our private Sicilian villa (reserved just for guests of Cook in Sicily). Two hands-on, 3-hour cooking classes. Free local wine Dinner each day, Breakfast is to enjoy on your own, but we provide fruits from our backyard orto, fresh breads, cheeses, juice, and coffee COST: 550 euros per person (800 euros for a couple- based on shared accommodation) (does not include flights, visas, rental car, incidental expenses) Want to stay for longer than just three days? Great, we'd love to have you. Additional cost per day for lodging is 75 euros (100 euros per couple) which includes accommodation in the villa, and breakfast. If you'd like to include a cooking class, the cost is 125 euros per person (200 euros per couple) which includes everything above, plus the three hour hands on cooking course. *note, must be staying at the villa to book cooking classes Want to know what you'll be making and what recipes you'll be learning to cook? Because we believe in eating local, fresh and seasonal food, le ricette (the recipes) will vary depending on what is in season when you visit. Some of our traditional favorite dishes include arancine, pasta with pesto Trapanese, couscous, cassata, panelle, eggplant caponata, pignolata, ravioli, sfincione, and more! PROGRAM COMBINATIONS Cook in Sicily all inclusive 3 day package Includes 2 cooking classes, 3 nights lodging €450 per person (800 Euros per couple) Each additional day with cooking class includes lodging, breakfast, dinner and cooking class €125 per person (200 Euros per couple) Each additional day without cooking class includes lodging and breakfast €75 per person (100 Euros per couple)

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