The piezo injection technology revealed by Seletron

The piezo injection technology revealed by Seletron da Seletron SNC

Da: Seletron SNC  30/11/2007
Parole chiave: Ricambi Auto, Autoricambi, Dettaglianti Autoricambi

The young company of proven experience Seletron, presents the UIS (Unit Injector System with piezo injector) diesel engine chip tuning, revealing the segrets. The piezo injector technology is the last innovative solution on gasoline engine. It is used to perform a systems fast response, obtaining more precision on the fuel injection quantity. On UIS system configuration, the fuel pressure was increased over 2200 bar, so a fast actuators (piezo injector) was a binding target on modern and future engine. The chip tuning markets on this innovative technology, required a demanding research to acquire the right know-how, so the Seletron’s engineers accepted this new challenge. The chip tuning development asked the following innovations both hardware and software. The piezo driver needs a high voltage supply , so a high performance and efficient hardware to supply the tuned voltage was projected to perform a balanced interface with original components (original ECU). The rapid process required a high performance and faster controllers to follow without delay time and problems the original driver. The firmware was developed using engine simulator, so the reliability and execution speed were hard tested. The FAP filter, and all the original regeneration cycle, was managed so the tuned cycle reflects the original one without problems and dangerous situation. As shown , Seletron aims to be the leader and a reference in a rapid change chip tuning market’s SELETRON

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